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Friday, January 31, 2003  

Via Rob Corr: Simon Crean unamused by Labor defector.

A South Australian Labor MP who has quit the party for the Greens has been told by the federal Labor leader to resign from his seat and stand as an independent.
Kris Hanna says Labor no longer represents struggling people and its asylum seeker policy is half-baked and half-principled.
Simon Crean says Mr Hanna should remember he was elected to the South Australian Parliament on Labor policy.
"The Australian public is sick of being treated by people who stand under one banner and switch to another," he said.

You mean like Cheryl Kernot, Simon? Or do you make an exception for her because she defected to your side? Kris Hanna has more to say for himself here.

UPDATE: Rob thinks otherwise. I'll concede his point re Cheryl having to be elected in as a Labor member, though I still don't think it makes her any less of a defector.

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