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Wednesday, February 12, 2003  

Been a while, but Al Qaeda are releasing "Osama" tapes again.

The Arab-language television station, al-Jazeera, has broadcast a message said to be from Osama bin Laden, in which he calls for Muslims to stand with the Iraqi people against the United States.
The message was contained in a poor quality audio recording in which a man's voice, identified as Bin Laden's, is heard calling for suicide attacks against Americans and resistance to any attack on Iraq.
The Bush administration believes the tape to almost certainly be genuine and officials say the message heralds a "burgeoning alliance of terror".

Bargarz isn't convinced:

Having some faker masquerade his voice is no biggie. Saddam has shown that any Arab megalomaniac who expects to be taken seriously simply must have a double or three tucked away for a rainy day. The bullet proof fedora is optional I guess.

I agree. Until we get a demonstrably recent (i.e. post-circa December 2001) videotape of Osama, we've got no call accepting the authenticity of these recordings. They are a man speaking on tape. They are not necessarily the man. And I may have said it before, but claiming that the voice on the tape really is that of Osama is not productive. The tapes are propaganda from what is generally considered to be the enemy, and it doesn't do us any favours swallowing it.

posted by James Russell | 10:24 PM

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