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Tuesday, February 18, 2003  

I find this slightly hard to swallow, as it were.

Two men who went for a massage in Maitland were taken advantage of by their masseur, a court upheld yesterday.
Russell Porteous had oral sex with the men without their consent while they lay naked and vulnerable on his massage table. [...]
The first victim said he had thought nothing of Porteous touching his genitals, thinking it was part of the massage.
But when Porteous started to have oral sex with him, he "froze ... I just couldn't do nothing like, I was in shock".
The man agreed he did not complain or say no during the assault, which lasted five minutes.
The second victim, described as an "unsophisticated" man, thought he might have said "Ah" and shaken his head when Porteous touched his genitals, but said he did not know whether Porteous had heard him.

This astonishes me. Did Porteous have these two strapped down to the table or something? You let him go at you for FIVE MINUTES and you did NOTHING? Jesus Christ, if someone made an unauthorised advance on my dick like that I'd be a bit faster and more violent in expressing my displeasure...

posted by James Russell | 5:51 PM

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