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Monday, February 17, 2003  

Now this is interesting.

Google, which runs the Web's premier search site, has purchased Pyra Labs, a San Francisco company that created some of the earliest technology for writing weblogs, the increasingly popular personal and opinion journals. [...]
"I couldn't be more excited about this," said Evan Williams, founder of Pyra, a company that has had its share of struggles. He wouldn't discuss terms of the deal, which he said was signed on Thursday, when we spoke Saturday. But he did say it gives Pyra the "resources to build on the vision I've been working on for years."

Pyra, of course, is the company responsible for Blogger, so this will probably only be of interest to people using that method. I just hope it works out better than their newsgroup service, so that you don't have to wait between three and nine hours for posts to appear...

posted by James Russell | 5:27 PM

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