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Tuesday, March 25, 2003  

Whatever happened to that Aussie guy in the Saudi prison?

THE friends of an Australian hospital worker imprisoned in Saudi Arabia have said they were deeply worried about his safety after communications from him ceased abruptly.
Former colleague Dr Joseph Toscano said no-one had heard from Robert Thomas since before war broke out in neighbouring Iraq.
"Unfortunately this situation in Iraq makes his position extremely difficult," Dr Toscano said.
"We are very concerned about his safety - he is the only Australian in that particular prison." [...]
Early this month his daughter Sarah Munro was told by the Department of Foreign Affairs that Mr Thomas would be freed by June - more than six months early.
But Dr Toscano today said his release date had never been confirmed.
He said he was worried the federal government had lost interest in Mr Thomas following the outbreak of the war.

Yeah, amazing how quickly we forgot about him after he served his purpose of getting us all outraged about the barbaric nature of so-called Islamic justice—sorry, "justice" in the run-up to the declaration of war on Iraq...

posted by James Russell | 4:37 PM

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