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Saturday, April 12, 2003  

Another interesting-looking blog, this one from a practising politician and "Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Scientist":

My active research interests include the macrophysics of magnetic reconnection, the magnetic coupling between the magnetosphere and the ionosphere, the geometry of the magnetic field in the magnetosheath, and the ionospheric consequences of magnetic reconnection.

I don't know what that means but it sure as hell sounds impressive. Apparently the good doctor is standing for the Liberal Democrats, a group I'd never heard of until the other day when I got an email from a friend in the UK saying he'd actually become a member of them... good to see he hasn't reached the same level of political cynicism I have whereby voting for the bastards is bad enough and actually joining a party is completely beyond the pale... Wonder how many more of this politblogs we'll be seeing in future? Off the top of my head US Presidential hopeful Gary Hart is the only one I know, and for some reason I can't imagine him venting a statement like "Christ Jesus, hackers are such utter cunts".

posted by James Russell | 5:54 PM

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