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Monday, April 14, 2003  

The Black Dahlia case solved?

Before there were lurid tabloid TV murders, there were lurid tabloid newspaper murders, and one of the most notorious of the last century was the case of the Black Dahlia.
The gruesome slaying transfixed postwar Los Angeles the way the double homicides of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman did a generation later. It was film noir come to life, a glimpse into a shadow world of macabre kink and psychosis and corruption that ripped up the sunny postcards of suburban idylls and Hollywood dreams. It was the Manson murders before the invention of television. [...]
Today, a retired veteran homicide detective from the Los Angeles Police Department claimed that he has cracked 56-year-old case. Steve Hodel, now a 61-year-old private investigator, has written a book on his researches, and he marshals a voluminous pile of evidence -- some damning, other bits a stretch.
The killer?
Hodel says the murderer was his father, a wealthy, dashing and politically plugged-in doctor and genius, who was also a sociopath and serial killer.

posted by James Russell | 12:20 PM

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