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Saturday, April 12, 2003  

US continues to bring liberation.

US soldiers have shot and killed a Baghdad shopkeeper defending his business with a Kalashnikov assault rifle against looters.
The 25-year-old merchant pulled his rifle on the thieves when they began ransacking the shop, neighbours said.
When US soldiers approached the area, the looters told them that the shopkeeper was a member of Saddam Hussein's Fedayeen paramilitary force.
The American troops reportedly opened fire with machine guns, killing the man, the neighbours said.

Apparently the God-given right gun nuts say you should be able to have to defend yourself and your property with that sort of armament doesn't apply outside of the US. If this story is true and those soldiers opened fire without ascertaining the truth of the situation, they better be in trouble. I wrote a while back that I supported the efforts of the troops in Iraq even if I didn't support the war itself, but that support is not dependent upon their acting properly. It dries up somewhat in the face of events like this.

posted by James Russell | 3:44 PM

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