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Friday, January 31, 2003  

Bullshit walks.

Penn & Teller have made a successful career out of trickery, which makes the new vaudeville magicians unlikely candidates for the roles of consumer activists. Yet that's the role they play as the hosts, writers and producers of Bullshit, an inventive investigative series that challenges chicanery in its many forms. In half-hour semi-documentary bursts of bravado, they look at everything from birth to death, exploring how you can get hoodwinked and screwed over every step of the way by psychics, spiritual healers, the medical profession, environmentalists and purveyors of New Age hokum.
The difference between Penn & Teller's brand of illusion-based entertainment and trickery, they counsel, is that they tell you they're lying. They're entertainers, not scam artists. They don't take your money under false pretenses, and they loathe those who do.

posted by James Russell | 5:47 PM

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