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Friday, January 31, 2003  

Is this the funniest thing Tim Blair's ever written?

CELEBRATE THE Feast of Self-Reference! In her latest Webdiary entry – a brutish tirade about the need to regulate journalists – Margo Kingston refers to "my" seven times, "I'd" twice, "me" three times, "I've" three times, "mine" three times, "I'm" three times, and "I" 19 times.

Regulate that ego.

Uh-huh, hilarious, I can barely stop my sides splitting... this would be coming from the same Tim Blair who maintains a blog (and what is any blog if not an expression of the ego of its owner), has a weekly column in The Australian, used to write for OJR and Fox News, gets to make other media appearances on TV, used to have his own radio show on his beloved ABC, was interviewed by John Hawkins' Right Wing News and is quoted by lots of bloggers (it would probably not be unfair to say Tim's blog is OzBlogdom's best known export)... Evidently it's OK for some people's egos to be allowed to flourish but not others...

posted by James Russell | 10:35 PM

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