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Thursday, January 30, 2003  

Movies blamed for having bad effects on kids, again.

The Federal Trade Commission recently did an undercover survey at almost 300 theaters around the nation, finding that nearly 50 percent of children ages 13 to 16 were able to buy tickets to R-rated movies.
In Wednesday's Connecting With Kids, NewsChannel5 Tonya Strong reported that teens say it's easy to sneak into those movies.
"Yeah, (I) just snuck in," Nik Partridge, 14, said.
Usually, no one tries to stop them, but if they are stopped, the teens have a backup plan.
"I got a ticket to a different movie and then I went into the other one five minutes after the movie starts," Chantelle Williams, 13, said.

Cinemas take note: see what can happen when you try to cut back on staff and have one person checking your tickets at the main entry bit instead of one person at the door of each auditorium making sure you actually go to see the film you got the ticket for...

posted by James Russell | 7:44 PM

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