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Thursday, January 30, 2003  

Sculptor wants to plaster 240 Geordies.

The sculptor who created the Angel of the North is appealing for hundreds of volunteers to stand naked and be covered in plaster.
Antony Gormley is working on a project for the Baltic Arts Centre, on the banks of the River Tyne in Gateshead, and needs up to 240 people aged between five and 95.
He says he wants to cast their bodies for his Domain Field exhibition, scheduled for later this year. The models will be wrapped in plastic film, draped in cloth, then have plaster poured over them in two sessions.

I have visions of 240 thirsty Yorkshire people turning up to this thinking "this lad's gunna help us get plastered!", only to realise this plastering doesn't involved alcohol...

posted by James Russell | 6:04 PM

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