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Thursday, January 30, 2003  

William Saffire on how both pro- and anti-war forces have their arses covered in the event of a war.

The reaction of Democratic political leaders to President Bush's next-to-final speech before liberating Iraq was the Scottish verdict "Not proven." Hastening to agree that Saddam is a monster and a menace, they are careful to express reservations about removing him from power at this particular moment, or without U.N. approval.
By arguing that "the case has not yet been made," and by going along with France's Gallic shrug next week at whatever Colin Powell presents as evidence, these politicians position themselves for a postwar I-told-you-so. [...]
After the war, however, hawks and other idealists will counter these claims with told-you-so's of their own. [...]
The point is this: Both sides of the debate are furiously positioning to cover themselves in case the other side proves right. But the difference is this: Even if the hawks are wrong about Saddam's treachery, 20 million terrified Iraqis would be freed. If the doves are wrong and their delay enables the genocidal tyrant to become a world power, millions of American lives could well be lost.

Right you are, William, millions of American lives are at risk. Obviously the world's terrorists only care about killing Americans, or else they wouldn't have made sure to kill six Americans in the Bali bomb attack last October along with the hundred-odd Australians they also killed, not to mention the 80-odd people from about sixteen other countries they also took out.

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