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Monday, February 03, 2003  

Downer: no evidence of terrorism in Zimbabwe.

There was no evidence of terror group al-Qaeda operating in Zimbabwe where Australian cricketers were to play, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said today.
But Mr Downer said the Australian government remained concerned about security in the troubled East African country.
Australia has one World Cup game scheduled for the southern city of Bulawayo on February 24.
"I've checked as best I possibly can up to the middle of today but I so far have no evidence of an al-Qaeda network operating in Zimbabwe or an al-Qaeda threat in Zimbabwe," Mr Downer told ABC TV.
"I'm just not aware that there is such a threat."

This is Zimbabwe you're talking about, Alex. They don't need al Qaeda when they've got Mugabe running the joint.

posted by James Russell | 7:16 PM

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