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Saturday, February 01, 2003  

I couldn't be bothered blogging today, so instead I've decided to finally do something I've meant to do for a few days... i.e. post the results of my archive trawling. Among the ephemeral weirdness I present I do occasionally turn up some bigger, more enduring and interesting things. One day I decided I wanted to again check out something I'd posted ages ago, only I couldn't remember the URL and I couldn't remember when I'd posted it, so I had to trawl the whole fucking archive to find it, months and months worth of my pissing and moaning... and while I was at it I just took note of a number of other sites for future reference. The end result is that I've now got the addresses for a whole bunch of things that interested me for a variety of reasons and which I want to keep handy, and I'm presenting them here again to save me having to go through the archives again. It's mostly for my own reference, but I'm reposting them in case others find them useful.

Jesus : with you always

David Atwell's alternative history : dedicated to the art and analyses of film sound

Emile Berliner and the birth of the recording industry

MIM's Maoist movie reviews

Get Your War On (graphics intensive, possibly offensive contents)

American Crusade 2001+ trading cards (graphics intensive)

UbuWeb sound poetry mp3 archive

The world's smallest website

Detecting Media Bias

Shockwave Pacman (requires Flash)

The Emperor Norton archives

Pride and grief for sale (graphics intensive)

Disturbing Search Requests

The Java spirograph

Jews For Allah : accepting the Messiah Jesus, without the Christian theology

The 24 Hour Beethoven 9th Symphony—a staggering thing of unlikely beauty (requires Real Audio)

Theo's wunderbare Welt der Bandfotografie (graphics intensive)

The Roman Empire online (graphics intensive)

The RealJoe affirmation bullshit generator

Political Lobby : Australian politics on the Net

The Harry Stephen Keeler Society

The Invisible Library—all the non-existent books of the world

Rocket Posters (graphics intensive)

The language-guessing form—enter some text and let it try and work out what language it's in

Carcino.Gen.NZ—repository for all those amusing pictures your friends insist on sending you by email (graphics intensive, possibly offensive contents)

The Museum Of Online Museums

Cthuugle: the Lovecraftian search engine

Masturbate For Peace

The Italian/Tongan/English dictionary

One : A Space Odyssey (requires Quicktime)

Gothopoly (graphics intensive)

The Tapestry of Delights—fantastic resource for British beat, psychedelic and progressive music 1963-76

Fuzz Acid and Flowers—American equivalent of the above from the same author

Think Of The Children (possibly offensive contents)

The Pornolizer (possibly offensive results)

The Rapture Index

Film directors : articles on the Internet

The decline of Western magazine design (graphics intensive)

The hemispheric dominance test

150+ free Java games

The Prior-Art-O-Matic

R. Robot : detecting liberal bias

Multibabel : get lost in translation

Illegal Art : freedom of expression in the corporate age

The realistic Internet simulator

Marshal Tito's home page

An amusing xylophone (requires Flash, possibly offensive contents)

Richard Simmons collectable dolls

Earth Erotica

The F Scale (Fascism receptivity test)

Wog Life : celebrating wog culture

The Industrious Clock (requires Flash)

I can't believe it's not the advertising slogan generator! Which, incidentally, when I tried it again, threw the phrase "Feel the raw, naked loneliness of the road" at me. That's not a pseudo-ad slogan generated by a CGI script, that's poetry

The random Dr Phil quote generator

Kikkoman (requires Flash)

Make your own fairy tale

Show and Tell Music (graphics intensive)

Gary Westfahl's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Film (discussed by me at greater length here at Blogcritics)

UFOs in Medieval Art

Michael Jackson Baby Drop Games (requires Flash)

The 1930 DeMoulin Bros Fraternal Supply Catalogue No. 439 (graphics intensive)

The Biblical Curse Generator

Jump The Shark

How To Write Like A Wanker

The 365 Days Project

The Shakespeare Authorship Page

Samuel Pepys' weblog

The Mondrian Machine (requires DHTML-capable browser) (possibly offensive content)

The English-to-12-year-old-AOLer translator

Bangbangbang (requires Flash, possibly offensive content)

In the process I also noted down a few posts of my own that I found worthy of reposting. So enjoy once again my pontifications on:

"Lola" by the Kinks

my hatred for Ch.10's Premiere program

the obligatory Sept. 11 post

community radio (followup here)

John Ray (followup here)

the "Conservative Top 40"

occult spam

Ayn Rand (followup here)

attending a protest


"essential" films

how Muslims are to blame for everything

revenge tragedy and John Howard

things I learned in 2002

Campbell Reid

Kim Howells

So there you go, highlights of nearly a year of None More Black and Hot Buttered Death, picked from the archives to save you and me the trouble of having to find the bloody things again. Use them wisely.

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