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Monday, February 03, 2003  

I'm listening to a RealAudio stream of the new Nick Cave album via Netscape (thanks to Greg Beato for pointing this out). It's not inspiring at all, neither the quality of the stream nor indeed the album itself... which is disappointing, as I was assured by someone who claimed to have heard an advance copy of the album that it was a return to rocking form after the fairly subdued work on the previous two albums. I was then informed by someone else on aus.culture.gothic who also claimed to have an advance copy said that was rubbish and it was in fact much more like the last two albums than anything else. Listening to the stream, I can tell now that my second informant was right and the first was either mad or lying... "Dead Man In My Bed" and "Babe I'm On Fire" rock out splendidly and strangely (the latter track is positively deranged), but the rest is in similar-sounding vein to recent stuff. Ironic, perhaps, in that by putting the whole album online for me to listen to for free in the hope that I will then go buy the album, all it's inspired me to do is just get mp3s of the two tracks I named and settle for those. And the record companies wouldn't want me doing that, would they? Nice work, Netscape...

posted by James Russell | 10:07 PM

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