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Tuesday, February 04, 2003  

Jane Russell outs herself as a "right-wing Christian bigot".

Veteran Hollywood Actress Jane Russell declared herself a "mean-spirited, narrow-minded, right-wing Christian bigot" to a crowd of conservative activists on Saturday.
The retired actress was making the point that she is tired of Christian conservatives being labeled intolerant when they stand up for their beliefs.

Well that's a nice way to reinforce the stereotype, Jane. I'm sure a lot of Christian conservatives are tired of being called intolerant. The rest of us are tired of the ones who ARE intolerant.

The 81-year-old Russell, who spoke on a panel called "Hollywood Needs Adult Supervision," explained that her son chides her for using the term 'bigot,' but she insists on doing so.
"My son said, 'Mother you can't say the word bigot because that has to do with nationalities and things.' I said, 'No darling, it's a verb. It means I can't stand these people who are trying to take the Ten Commandments off the wall, take prayer out of school and... take prayer out of football games.' It's too ridiculous," Russell said.
"The Lord put this country together or we wouldn't be like we are," she added.

That God's got a lot to answer for, eh.

In an interview with, Russell explained why she believes present-day Hollywood has become so liberal.
"I think the 60's have happened between when I was there and now. A lot of the actors and actresses, their parents were 60's people and they just have a Democratic left wing - [they] flipped," Russell said.

Of course the 1960s happened. Jane's heyday was indeed the 1950s. You'd expect the 1960s to follow on chronologically from then, wouldn't you.

Daniel Flynn, another panelist and author of Why the Left Hates America, said celebrity activists are out of place in political activism because they confuse make-believe with reality.
"Hollywood is a place where aliens can be made to seem to invade the earth, where the dead can rise from the grave, where a 5'7 white guy from Philadelphia can become heavyweight champion of the world - that's Hollywood, it's make-believe stuff," Flynn said.
According to Flynn, when celebrities delve into political matters, they "bring the fictionalized world into a world where facts matter."

So what did Daniel Flynn make of Jane Russell's statement, then? Or does she get off because, as I suggested on a similar topic a few days ago, she's on the same political side as him so it's OK for her to be a politically active celebrity?

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