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Thursday, February 13, 2003  

Seen around the blogosphere:

Adam's not convinced by the new Osama tape either. John Quiggin is a bit more circumspect. This cartoon from Ampersand sums up my own feelings.

Andrew Bowie lacks permalinks, but suffice to say he is cynical about those Australian troops refusing anthrax vaccinations (the article curiously neglects to say why they're refusing the jab) and is wondering why one of his friends can't take his backpack into the National Gallery of Victoria when everyone else can.

Angela Bell is sighing deeply over the Virgin Mary fence.

Bargarz clearly believes in guilt by association (scroll to "update" at the end of the post).

Jason Soon is getting tired of the French-bashing becoming prevalent over in the right side of the blogosphere.

Matt is up in arms over Bob Carr's attempt to roll back centuries-old double jeopardy laws.

Gareth demands the expulsion of Shane Warne.

Rob Schaap tries rising above gloom. Gary S-T isn't convinced.

Scott Wickstein identifies what should be the US/UN's next target after Iraq.

Stewart Kelly is pessimistic about the war's outcome.

Tim Dunlop spits venom all over Miranda Devine.

Zem catches Kim Howells advocating censorship and the Dusseldorf government apparently practising it.

Bob Hunt evidently wants to scare W. into calling off the war.

Marcello Carlin turns his sights on Madonna.

Nigel Richardson unearths the strange tale of John Penis.

Friedrich von Blowhard's continuing series on Impressionism continues.

And yes, this is a fairly lazy way of blogging but tough. I'm back at TAFE (posted that other stuff I did today on my lunchbreak), I've had headache and neck pains for most of the day, and it topped 32 degrees in town today. That's as good as you'll get from me today.

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