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Wednesday, February 05, 2003  

Senate declares no-confidence motion against Howard.

Greens senator Bob Brown said the Senate censure marked a historic condemnation of the government.
"The Australian Senate has no confidence in Prime Minister Howard," Senator Brown told reporters.
"This is an historic vote by the Senate, albeit on party lines, as such motions always are," he said.
"It's the first time in history, in 102 years, that this Senate has voted no confidence in the Prime Minister of the day."

Ow. I know these things are symbolic and they can't actually do Howard any direct harm, but that's still kind of nasty. It was by the narrowest of margins, to be sure (33 to 31), but still, I reckon most people will care more about the result than the margin. Personally I'm not happy with Howard buggering off to the US to speak with W. just as Parliament's re-opening here. Lest you forget, John boy, you have a nation to run, and if you insist on being PM then I would like to insist on you being here to attend to us, not the US...

posted by James Russell | 3:23 PM

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