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Tuesday, February 04, 2003  

Via Adam: the "paranoia magnet".

Let's Look Out for Australia has examples of the sorts of things to look out for and real life examples of how information from the public has helped prevent terrorism.
It has advice from Australia's leading counter-terrorism experts from national security and emergency response agencies, including the Australian Federal Police, ASIO, Department of Defence, Department of Health and Emergency Management Australia.
It includes information on preparing for an emergency, essential first aid, advice for Australians living or travelling overseas and information on who to contact and when to report suspicious activity or in the event of an incident.
The booklet comes with a magnetic emergency contacts card with space to record important local telephone numbers. It will also be available in a range of languages.

In other words you've got a handy reminder to be alert but not alarmed every time you go to the fridge. You'll never need to forget to be paranoid again! Alternately, you could just follow the suggestion received in an email I got today:

As you are probably aware, over the next fortnight the Federal Government is sending a mailout to every household in Australia. In this pack is a letter from our illustrious Prime Minister, a booklet on how to help the government "fight terrorism" and a fridge magnet (!)
Today, Brisbane's Lord Mayor, Jim Soorley, made the eminently sensible suggestion that Australians who did not support the Howard government's backing of America's war should simply return the package to sender.
I, for one, think it's a fantastic opportunity to show Mr Howard that not all Australians think the way he does. If you agree as well, I urge you to:
1. Watch out for the package when it arrives, mark it "Return to Sender" and drop it in the nearest mailbox. You may also want to add a personal anti-war message to it.
2. Please forward this email to as many people as you think might be interested in joining this protest. Mr Howard's mailout is already on its way to practically every Australian - but email can still beat it!
Please do not delay.

It's in your hands what to do, of course, but I like the sound of that.

UPDATE: Daryl Williams is not impressed.

posted by James Russell | 2:29 PM

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