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Wednesday, February 05, 2003  

Via Jason: Taki Theodoracopoulos from the Spectator up on racism charges.

Taki and The Spectator, for which he writes the "High Life" column, are being investigated by Scotland Yard over an article he wrote in the magazine's 11 January edition.
The investigation was triggered by a complaint from Peter Herbert, a lawyer and member of the Metropolitan Police Authority. The Yard's Diversity Directorate will assess whether the piece incites racial hatred and thereby breaks the Public Order Act, for which the maximum sentence is two years. [...]
The article has already caused considerable embarrassment to Boris Johnson, editor of The Spectator and a Tory MP. "It was a terrible thing," said Mr Johnson, who was on holiday the week the article appeared but takes full responsibility for its publication.
"It should never have gone in." Informed of the police investigation, Mr Johnson declined to comment until he heard from Scotland Yard.

What a vomitous figure Taki strikes in the article, too (apart from the pompous ass he appears to be in the articles of his I've read). If Johnson is forced to ditch Taki over this episode, as the article suggests he will be, methinks whichever idiot let the thing be printed should be given their marching orders too...

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