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Monday, February 03, 2003  

Wind Rider at Silent Running wonders what the stupidest bit of space shuttle media coverage was.

3) Again, the Ameri-centric recounting of 'all' the deaths from the Space effort. Wait a second. They only mention Apollo 1 and Challenger. What about the Russians? I mean its not like they have to include Laika the dog and get PETA in a tizzy or anything.
4) The research rodent that first cobbled together the irrelevancy of Palestine, Texas (locals pronounce it STEEN, btw), Col Ramon, Texas in general, and George Bush, and pronounced it to be the great aligning of tealeaves that means (fill in your answer here). Jeebus, is the tin foil hat division going to be putting in some overtime on that one.

I don't often find myself in agreement with the SR crew, but on this occasion I surely do.

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