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Monday, March 31, 2003  

10 reasons to love and hate the compact disc. Which in several cases tend to work out the same, really. Example:

Excess isn't best: Because CDs can hold twice as much music as albums, artists too often lard on bonus tracks that don't measure up to their best work.
Sometimes more is better: The Flaming Lips' "Zaireeka" -- a box set of four CDs designed to be played simultaneously on four stereo systems -- would have been unimaginable in the album era.


Let's reissue everything: CD profit potential prompted labels to scour their vaults and re-release long-shelved albums that should have stayed shelved (everything Elvis ever recorded).
Charley Patton box set: Who knows if the blues master's work, and that of countless other legendary early 20th Century artists, would have resurfaced without the CD incentive?

Methinks our author reckons he's being clever by making pretty much the same case both for and against the 5" platter like this, though it just annoys me.

posted by James Russell | 6:52 PM

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