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Wednesday, March 26, 2003  

The fallout from Michael Moore's Oscars performance continues.

In a debate even more intense than the one that raged around Marlon Brando when he refused the Oscar in 1973 to protest Hollywood's treatment of Indians, the film industry is choosing sides in reaction to Michael Moore's anti-war comments at the Academy Awards.
Were his comments appropriate at a time when this country's men and women are in harm's way in Iraq? Or were they the predictable rantings of someone who, in the words of a past Oscar winner, is a well-known egotist into "his own self-aggrandisement"?

Whichever it was, at least he had the decency to go there and make the statement himself instead of hiring an actress to play a Native American girl and nag the Oscars audience in his stead...

posted by James Russell | 10:34 PM

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