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Wednesday, March 26, 2003  

Gareth is outraged.

FURTHER EVIDENCE that peace protesters wouldn't know what "peace" was if it hit them with a bottle. [...]
Two protesters have already phoned radio 6PR claiming police brutality. The radio station's reporter at the scene told a different story, saying St George's Terrace is littered with tomatoes, eggs and paint. They sure sound like the sort of items you'd bring to a peaceful rally, right?
And why exactly do these stupid kids think they have the right to sit in the middle of the busiest street in the central business district of a city of 1.2 million people?

Yeah, bunch of fucking hooligans. Next thing you know they'll be synchronising 320 missiles to hit Baghdad simultaneously. And why pissfart around with a mere village like Perth? Come to a real city like Sydney where you can disrupt the lives of four million people like some of these characters did! Show us what legends you really are!

OK, what happened in Perth was fucking ridiculous. That is not to be denied. But otherwise it looks like the same old thing, you get a few undeniable fuckwits latching onto an event like this and playing stupid cunts, thereby inflaming the passions of people like Gareth who just get outraged at the behaviour of one subset of people and who then further try to inflame the passions of others by acting as if the extreme idiot fringe were representative of the entire group or that the rest of the group necessarily condones the behaviour of the subset. To stop and think for a minute that the other protestors might not agree with the activities of a few morons would be to give the protestors credit for being able to think, and we can't possibly let them look as if they might actually be reasonably intelligent and decent people now, can we.

Meanwhile in Basra up to two million people are still having problems getting water and electricity. Only 40 percent of the people of that city—you know, the ordinary folk of Iraq whose liberation this war is supposed to be in aid of—have water, and that's reprocessed water from the Euphrates. And Basra's not the only city in Iraq with these problems.

What happened in Perth was, as I said, fucking ridiculous. And shit, I don't like having the peace of my city be disturbed like that either. But what happened there would've disrupted the activities of probably a few thousand people at most (unless all 1.2m people in Perth were passing through the busiest street in the CBD at the time). It's been contained. Not to say violence like that might not erupt again, but it's over for now. The people of Perth who got caught up in the fun and games will be able to go home at night and that'll be the end of it. A million people in Basra still don't have water or power and are at risk of sundry diseases, and that's ongoing. You decide what, in the bigger picture, is more worthy of getting angry about.

posted by James Russell | 10:26 PM

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