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Monday, March 24, 2003  

The language of Jesus is dying out.

The modern world is encroaching upon the village at a rapid pace, and no longer can Maalula be considered remote. A paved highway whisks commuters to Damascus in 45 minutes. Satellite dishes beam programs from around the world - none of them in Aramaic - into local living rooms. Job opportunities are scarce, and the younger generation is moving away, to the cities and overseas, taking with them what may turn out to be the last memories of this ancient language.
Within a few decades at most, Maalulans believe, Aramaic will have passed into history.
"In 10 or 20 years, it will be dead. The children don't speak it anymore, and all the young people are moving to Damascus," said Maria Hadi, 30, who grew up speaking Aramaic but moved to the city to attend high school and has forgotten the language of her childhood.

Maalula is the last place where they still speak Aramaic as the Christ fellow would've spoken it two thousand years ago, and only about two thousand people still speak it fluently. A sad article, this one. Thanks to Bill Howell (whose name I got right this time).

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