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Saturday, March 29, 2003  

Not to worry, the film began OK, just half an hour behind time. I was thinking of going out tonight but just as well I didn't (stayed home cos I've been vile with flu all day), cos I'd have had to set a videotape for the film and if I'd left according to schedule I'd have got half an hour of news and missed the end of the film thanks to them shuffling the time about. Still, at least it wasn't just the beginning of a whole load of overnight coverage burst like the ABC's been doing, cancelling everything in the schedule to make way for the BBC overnight... starting to get sick of that, especially since everything is still advertised as normal in the TV guides. I know it's mostly stuff from the J. Arthur Rank collection on its thousandth screening, but I'm still getting fed up with it. There's an early Michael Powell film on tomorrow night at about 2.30am, or at least so the schedule says. In reality, of course, it'll be the fucking BBC blathering on all night... bah.

posted by James Russell | 9:52 PM

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