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Sunday, March 30, 2003  

Of course the really disconcerting thing about daylight saving time is that when you mention it being a specific time, the next day when you set the clock back in your Blogger settings it throws things out of whack. Trust me, the time-stamp on the post below about it being after 10pm may now read 9.11pm, but it was 10.11pm last night when I posted it. Damn daylight saving. I didn't change the clocks back last night, so when I woke up this morning I saw "10.00" on the bedside clock, thought "fine, time to get up"... except when I went through to say good morning to Dad he reminded me to put the clocks back an hour, whereupon I suddenly realised it was actually nine, not ten. And nine o'clock on a Sunday morning and me do not normally mix well. See, if I'd put the clocks back last night, I'd probably have woken up around the same time, seen "9.00" on the display and thought "mmm, I'll just lie here for another hour or so"... and of course by that time I was up and relatively awake so I didn't want to go back to bed. Grrr. I will be in a foul mood all day now. (And how will that differ from the mood you're in every other day?) Oh shut up...

posted by James Russell | 12:16 PM

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