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Saturday, March 29, 2003  

Tim Dunlop has an interesting post on the possibility that napalm is being (or has been) used in the Iraq war. I'll let you read the post and follow the links; I just want to pick up on what the Pentagon said in denying the story:

We completed destruction of our last batch of napalm on April 4, 2001, and no longer maintain any stocks of napalm.

Possibly it's just me, but this sounds not too far removed from the assorted protestations by the government of Iraq that they don't have any chemical weapons. I presume the difference is that if the US government says they have no napalm they must be telling the truth by the very virtue of their being the US government and if the Iraqi government says they have no chemical weapons they must be a pack of lying towelhead bastards with whom we must go to war immediately.

posted by James Russell | 5:59 PM

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