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Saturday, March 29, 2003  

Vietnam vet attacked at beach picnic by topless woman.

A Vietnam veteran and his family have been attacked by a topless woman while having a picnic at a beach.
The man was forced to shield himself with a fold-up table as the woman lunged at him with a 25cm knife.
"It was unbelievable—she was shouting that she was going to kill me,'' the 52-year-old businessman said yesterday.

Remarkable. This happened up in Darwin, so I'd be interested to know what Ken Parish makes of this story, especially this last bit:

The man said he reported the incident to a passing police patrol but there was nothing they could do because they were on their way to police headquarters with a full load of drunken itinerants. [...]
Community Development Minister John Ah Kit said the itinerant problem was not new.
"From day one we acknowledged the itinerant problem was bad _ and has been getting worse,'' he said.
"I have personally acknowledged, as an Aboriginal, I am offended by the hassle and humbug of itinerants in Darwin and other towns.
"Instead of walking away from the problem, we are tackling it in partnership with over 40 community and government groups.''

Maybe it's just me, but it seems you could be doing, you know, more to actually solve the problem than you appear to be, even with your forty groups...

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