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Sunday, April 13, 2003  

All right, your homeland's free now, so fuck off.

The Federal Government is considering a reintegration package to encourage Iraqi asylum seekers to return home.
The Government offered similar assistance to Afghanis, detained at offshore immigration centres, whose applications for asylum were rejected. [...]
The Democrats say the Federal Government should not put any pressure on Iraqi asylum-seekers to return to their war-torn country.
Democrats leader Andrew Bartlett says he has concerns about the reintegration proposal.
"Nobody should be forced to return to Iraq against their will, now or in the future," he said.
"These people, who have already suffered enormously, should be able to have control over their own future, to return if and when they wish to return, at a time and manner of their choosing, or to remain in Australia," Senator Bartlett said.

posted by James Russell | 5:08 PM

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