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Thursday, April 03, 2003  

Angela Bell reports that Tim Blair has moved here while unspecified technical problems with his own blog are sorted. Wonder what problems those might be? Could they possibly be the same problems that are currently affecting almost everyone on Blogspot as far as I can tell, including myself, namely that since the collapse of Tuesday Blogger will update the main page of the blog but refused to accordingly update the archive page for this week? At the moment if I click on the archive page for this week, the topmost entry comes from halfway through Tuesday. Other blogs I click on, their weekly archive pages have updated since Monday even though they've continued to post since then. (The Catallaxy collective appear to be oddly immune from the archive problem.) So is Blair just having the same problems as the rest of us? How come he gets to be part of someone else's blog? Why don't those of us on Blogspot just move there too? Make room! Make room!

posted by James Russell | 5:20 PM

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