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Sunday, April 06, 2003  

The battle for Souths officially turns ugly.

The battle for control of South Sydney football club degenerated into a series of personal insults and physical threats between chairman George Piggins and television personality Andrew Denton yesterday.
During a farcical radio slanging match, the combatants accused each other of lying. Piggins called Denton a wimp and told him he would put him on his backside. [...]
"You've been happy to take my free help for 13 years. Publicly, I've done everything to support this club. Privately, you and I have disagreed," Denton said.
Piggins concurred: "Privately we've extremely disagreed." He then continued to threaten Denton. "I'm not going to cop a wimp like you standing over me. I'm telling you you're a wimp and that's all you'll ever be," Piggins said.
Denton said: "Frankly, George, if your way of resolving a disagreement is to punch me in the face ... I'm not a fighter, you could whip me with one hand tied behind your back, and if that's the way you want it then let that be an example of how South Sydney is run."

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