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Saturday, April 19, 2003  

Blogcritics have redesigned, and this link is here because Eric Olsen emailed us all and asked nicely would we please link to the post announcing the new design. And who would I be to not comply with that request, even if I do have grave reservations about the new design (some of which are addressed in the post comments)? And with the various changes being made, could they not have finally installed a search function whereby you can search by post author's name so you can see all the posts a given person has made? Will the "remember info" function ever work so that I don't have to keep retyping my details every time I want to post a comment?

There's a "surprise" new section to be added shortly, but Eric told us what it is in the email so it's not a surprise to me. I won't post it here, though, don't want to get booted from the sinister cabal for revealing Things Man Was Not Meant To Know.

posted by James Russell | 3:08 PM

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