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Saturday, April 05, 2003  

CBS staffers caught betting on Survivor.

While the adventure series has taken a backseat to another more scandalous reality series lately, Mark Burnett's unscripted show about scheming castaways is back in the headlines.
An online betting site has shut down wagers on Survivor: The Amazon's battle of the sexes, claiming four CBS employees were discovered placing money on the series.
As fans of Survivor know, the winner won't be revealed until May sweeps, but the final two contestants were determined months ago when the show was taped in the wilds of Brazil.
The CBS gamblers are suspected of placing bets on a sure thing because it's believed they know the game's outcome. The action has skewed odds so much (in favor of wild-eyed machete man Matthew Von Ertfelda and scheming swimsuit model Jenna Morasca, if you must know) that other players have been scared away, according to offshore-betting site

posted by James Russell | 3:40 PM

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