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Wednesday, April 02, 2003  

Dastardly Iraqis exploit international convention to hide weapons.

Australia Wednesday accused Iraq of using historic sites to hide its weapons and Prime Minister John Howard continued to defend the length of the war, as anti-war protests in Sydney led to one arrest.
Australian Defense Force spokesman Brig. Mike Hannan said Iraq was using historic sites, such as the Ctesiphon, to hide its weapons. According to Hannan, Iraqi vehicles were parked in strategic places at the site, which is protected under The Hague Convention.
The ancient city -- dated to the 2nd century BC -- lies on the Tigris River, southeast of Baghdad. The Hague Convention protects the world's cultural and heritage sites.

Damn their Mesopotamian hides! I'm sure the temptation to just violate the Hague Convention and blow these places to shit (on the grounds that the Iraqis were violating the Geneva Convention by parading those POWs on TV) must be great...

posted by James Russell | 7:19 PM

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