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Friday, April 18, 2003  

Email. Facilitating conversation around the world, ruining lives in the process.

Researchers have concluded email has become an increasing burden on computer users - with the power to ruin their personal lives.
A study of 26,000 users claims to have found the existence of Pre and Post-Mail Tension, which derives from misunderstanding emails and the fear that private messages could be circulated around the office. [...]
Researchers say PPMT was noticeable amongst those who used email as a flirting tool.
Three-quarters of people questioned admitted to using email to impress people they fancy. Women even preferred to make the first contact with those they fancied by email.
The survey also revealed 64% had problems concentrating if waiting for an email reply from someone they liked, 51% wasted time constantly checking for a reply, and 35% confessed stalling while struggling and agonising over a witty reply to impress the recipient.

Next: the prevalence of unsolicited bulk commercial email is found to demonstrably increase blood pressure.

posted by James Russell | 4:00 PM

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