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Thursday, April 03, 2003  

George Piggins reckons they're out to get him.

GEORGE Piggins believes forces are at work to discredit him in the lead-up to the club's annual general meeting but says he has the desire and passion to continue as South Sydney chairman.
Piggins revealed he and wife Noelene have been forced to endure a campaign to discredit him as the April 13 board elections loom.
And he angrily hit back at suggestions yesterday that his club's financial future was dependent on the battling Rabbitohs winning 10 games this season. In a wide-ranging exclusive interview, Piggins admitted he often found it difficult to cope with criticism of his work and the club.
Asked was he the man to lead Souths after the football club elections, Piggins said: "That's up to the members but if you're asking if I still have the desire then, yes, I have.
"The members vote you in or out. Whatever they vote, I'll cop. But there's still things I want achieved."

Well, George, there's things I'm sure Souths fans would also like achieved, i.e. for the team to start winning. They came close a couple of weeks ago, and so far this season they're not losing as disastrously as they were last year... but that's not the same as actually winning and actually scoring points. Work on that, George, and maybe the criticism and discrediting will stop...

posted by James Russell | 8:55 AM

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