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Friday, April 18, 2003  

Holy shit.

When the music newspaper Revolver folded this month after six years, the seven staff went to a pub, drowned their sorrows and wondered what to do next.

I say "holy shit" like that because Alison, the girl who edits (or, apparently, edited) Revolver, does that radio show I do with me. She hasn't been on air much this year because of scheduling conflicts with editing the magazine—she got the position late last year—but on those occasions when we've seen her it hasn't exactly sounded like a barrel of laughs. Still, I didn't realise Revolver was that close to folding. It's a couple of weeks since I've seen her myself—I was off air with flu for a couple of weeks and she wasn't there again this week—so I'll have to find out where that leaves her now...

posted by James Russell | 3:48 PM

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