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Monday, April 14, 2003  

Howard slams war critics.

PRIME Minister John Howard today launched a scathing attack on "armchair generals" who criticised the conduct of the Iraq campaign, saying the war had run largely according to plan.
Addressing a luncheon in Melbourne of party supporters from the federal seat of Casey today, Mr Howard hit out at commentators and doubters of all complexions.
"When the decision was taken by the government we were subjected to fierce, vitriolic criticism," he said.

It's a damnable thing, eh, John, people daring to exercise their democratic right to disagree with the actions of the government like that. Free speech complicates things so. Much easier for leaders of nations to lead when their people just shut up and uncritically accept the will of their leaders whether they like it or not. You know, like the people of Iraq used to.

"Of course it had risks, of course it was criticised, but it was a necessary decision and a decision that had to be implemented, regrettably without the involvement, in a formal way of a further Security Council resolution," Mr Howard said.
But he said the campaign removed "a loathsome regime" and as a result all the world was safer from terrorist attack.

Well hurray for that. I'm sure the whole world is a lot happier now Saddam is gone and so they don't need to worry so much about being attacked and killed by the IRA, ETA, the PLO, Hezbollah, Al-Aqsa, Hamas, Shining Path, Jemaah Islamiyah, not to mention Al Qaeda...

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