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Thursday, April 17, 2003  

I was thinking of going out to Club 77 tonight, cos they've changed hands and the last goth club to be held there is on tonight. I don't like the sound of the weather out there, though, so I'm still debating whether or not to go. I don't do the big four-hour hair and make-up jobs some goths do—basic black T-shirt, jeans, shoes and jacket is as far as I go look-wise—so I don't have to spend ages tarting myself up; I could just fling some clothes on and go call the cab now, and not be such a baby about the weather. But damn I hate venturing out in that sort of rain (really heavy with quieter but still wet interludes) if I don't really have to. Plus I don't relish the prospect of catching a cab home from William St in that weather either. Either way, this'll do me for today. Back tomorrow.

posted by James Russell | 9:46 PM

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