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Friday, April 04, 2003  

Jason Soon giving up the war commentary.

My fellow co-bloggers are free to do what they want but from now on I'm not posting on or commenting on the war anymore and I'll try not to be drawn into any discussions on it in other blogs' comments facilities either. It's just all too depressing and confusing and disconcerting to think about and I really have nothing constructive to say about it anymore.

Oy but how well do I know that feeling. Quite often I feel like I have nothing constructive to say about anything, let along the fucking war, and wonder what the hell I'm still doing this for when it would be so terribly easy to walk away from it. If I didn't have this damn blog to maintain I could ignore the newspapers and the TV and the Internet and all of that... Except two considerations stop me from doing so.

1) People seem to like this rubbish. Some like it enough to link to the site, others to email me with article suggestions and links and kind words, others to quote something I've written... in one case someone liked it enough to pay for the removal of the banner that defaces so many Blogspot sites. Yes, someone liked Hot Buttered Death to pay actual money for it. In the light of that, giving up blogging would be rude.

2) Practically nobody else has anything useful to say about the war, but that still doesn't stop them talking about it. No reason why it should stop me either. So on I go.

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