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Thursday, April 10, 2003  

Ken Parish hates the new ABC site design. I didn't even know they were doing a redesign. I don't know, looks not too bad to me, not particularly better or worse. The News section looks almost unchanged as far as I can tell. The only serious problems I have are browser-specific ones, i.e. Opera doesn't like the CSS used in the TV guide main page and the font size in the Public Record section is absurdly tiny. Those sections look fine in Internet Explorer, hence why I reckon it's a browser issue. The worst crime the site commits for me is that not all sections have the same top bar of links to the other sections of the site; to get out of some you have to hit the back button before you can move on to the next. Plus Ken says he had trouble finding the contact details for the ABC to email them with a complaint; oddly enough I found it in the top right hand corner without having to look hard at all. Can't work out why he's got his knickers in such a twist about it, anyway...

posted by James Russell | 10:40 PM

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