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Thursday, April 10, 2003  

Lawyer convicted of literal ambulance-chasing.

A LAWYER who chased and abused two paramedics has been found guilty of offensive behaviour.
But Rosemary Brondolino had charges of reckless conduct endangering life, reckless conduct endangering serious injury and unlawful assault dismissed in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court yesterday.
The court heard Ms Brondolino, 54, of Ivanhoe, followed an ambulance to the scene of a drug overdose in Peel St, Collingwood, angry that it had nearly caused her to have an accident.
She then yelled at the paramedics as they tried to treat a patient, demanding their names so she could make a complaint, the court heard. [...]
Magistrate John Hardy said there was not enough evidence to sustain the four most serious charges against Ms Brondolino.
But Mr Hardy found Ms Brondolino guilty of offensive behaviour, citing her "extraordinary efforts" to attempt to open the door of the ambulance.
"I come to the conclusion that the behaviour, in particular the demanding incessantly and on occasion aggressively the names of the paramedics ... does amount to offensive behaviour," he said.

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