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Thursday, April 17, 2003  

Madonna, for the love of God, just give up now before you make yourself look more ridiculous.

Madonna has revealed her forthcoming children's books are morality tales based on the mystical Hebrew texts she studies.
The singer, who is poised to claim her 11th UK number one this weekend with American Life, said she wants to write something deeper than the other "vapid and vacant" titles for youngsters. [...]
Madonna said: "I have a teacher I've been studying Kabbalah with for the last almost seven years now, and he's suggested that I write some children's stories based on a lot of things that I've learned in Kabbalah - so that's what I did."

Madonna, love, kids may need many things in their diet but I'm fairly sure books based on the Kabbalah are not among them. And calling kids' books "vapid and vacant" is a little rich coming from you; that music of yours has been vapid and vacant for a while now...

posted by James Russell | 8:04 PM

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