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Thursday, April 03, 2003  

An oddish thing is happening. I've been visited by someone from a domain (unfortunately Sitemeter never tells you entirely which one) before, but it's stepping up apparently cos I've had no fewer than FOUR such visits so far just today. I've had one hit today from that domain on the words "hot buttered death"—yes, someone in the government is taking the time to specifically hunt up my blog; this is your tax dollars at work here, folks—and another from someone at that domain apparently looking for John Quiggin as well as someone visiting from the professor's site. More curious, though, is someone who's visited from this URL: portal/ testing/ DLSPort2.nsf/ PortletPage?OpenForm&Login&TARGET=Content

I don't know what that is, if I click on it it does nothing. I'm presuming it's part of an intranet or something (he said, as if he knew what he was talking about)... suggests that it could be a test page for a portal... but if so what am I doing there? Cos the oddest thing is, this is now the second day in a row I've found this same URL in my referrers. I'm mystified. What gives here, people? Who are you people, why am I apparently on a Department of Defence website and why do you feel it necessary to fuel my paranoia in this manner? It's weirding me out...

posted by James Russell | 8:43 PM

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