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Wednesday, April 09, 2003  

Oh, and British intelligence reckons they missed Saddam after all. That's dandy, isn't it? What a waste of perfectly good bombs, not to mention innocent lives.

The Times said Britain's foreign intelligence service, MI6, told the US Central Intelligence Agency that it believed Saddam left the targeted building in Baghdad just before it was bombed.
"We think he left the same way he arrived in the area, either by a tunnel system or by car, we're not sure," the paper quoted a British intelligence source as saying.
A US B-1 bomber struck the building in the al Mansour residential area in response to intelligence that Saddam and his sons, Uday and Qusay, were meeting inside with senior Iraqi intelligence officials.
The bomber struck the building with four 900 kg guided bombs, two of them bunker busters, US officials said.
Major General Stanley McChrystal, vice director of operations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a Washington press briefing that the airstrike had been "very, very effective", but it was not known if the targets were still alive.

And if they are, then the only effectiveness demonstrated by the airstrike was that it hit the buildings it was aiming for. Some people might not consider that to be good enough. Ken Parish is as furious about this as I am.

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