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Sunday, April 06, 2003  

Oh, before I forget, there was a sure sign last night that the war is winding down: Channel 2 actually showed the scheduled late-night program, which in this case was, of course, Rage, as guest-programmed by Wil Anderson. Not a bad show, as you'll see by the playlist. And just as well I read the newspaper today, cos the TV guide is still insisting the Bruce Lee documentary on SBS tonight will be on at 10.30 because of the one-hour war news special at 9.30, but the late TV schedule corrections printed in the paper itself tells me it's actually on at 10... so there you go, Channel 2 didn't cut to the BBC last night and SBS is only doing a half-hour news instead of one hour. Clearly, therefore, the war is nearly over...

posted by James Russell | 5:43 PM

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