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Friday, April 04, 2003  

Pearl Jam make like the Dixie Chicks.

Dozens walked out of Pearl Jam 's U.S. tour opener after lead singer Eddie Vedder took a mask of President Bush and impaled it on a microphone stand.
Several concert-goers booed and shouted Tuesday night (April 1) for Vedder to shut up as he told the crowd he was against the war and Bush.
"It was like he decapitated someone in a primal ritual and stuck their head on a stick,'' said attendee Keith Zimmerman. [...]
"It kinda blows away the Dixie Chicks," Zimmerman said.

Yes, just imagine the lengths the next band to criticise W. will have to go to. First it was expressing embarrasment, now it's impaling masks... why, before you know where you are someone will be burning him in effigy on stage.

Meanwhile, in slightly less important news than the fact that Eddie Vedder doesn't like W., war is still raging in Iraq.

posted by James Russell | 5:41 PM

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