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Friday, April 04, 2003  

Pulgasari director tells his tale for the first time.

Shin is a film director of legendary stature in his native country - the Orson Welles of South Korea. He modernised movies at a time when people hungered for art, for escape, following the Korean war. He and his wife, the well-known actress Choi Eun-hee, were among Seoul's celebrity set.
But, in 1978, he fell foul of the frequently repressive government of General Park Chung Hee, who closed his studio. After making at least 60 movies in 20 years, Shin's career appeared to be over.

I'm just puzzled how you can draw a comparison to Orson Welles with those figures. That's way more than Welles managed in forty years, never mind twenty. That aside, this is a remarkable story of how an arthouse director came to make a tacky monster movie for Kim Jong-Il.

posted by James Russell | 8:10 PM

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